Stable developer

We know that buying real property is an important decision, so we are committed to ensure that our customers can rest assured about the money they invest.

Solid financial background and a range of proven contractors ensure an effective implementation of subsequent investment projects. Thanks to that, we build trust which pays off. We offer professional advice in the selection of real property and formalities accompanying the transaction. We are also available after the handing-over of the keys to the apartment or premises. We are responsible for our projects from the start to the end.

Favourable area conversion ratio

The usable area of your apartment does not include the area under partition walls but only the area you actually use. This conversion rate allows you to save an average of 3.5% to 4% of the value of the apartment, where the money saved can be used to finish the bathroom or purchase kitchen equipment.

High standard

Additional space in the price of the apartment

A balcony, terrace or garden is a perfect way to open up the apartment to the surroundings and to gain additional space. Importantly, regardless of which option you choose, you always pay only for the area of the apartment.

In addition, all of our balconies have finished flooring and the frost-resistant stoneware that we use ensures durability for years to come.

Silent elevators

Coming home will be even more enjoyable if you can choose a quick elevator ride instead of a strenuous climbing up the stairs. We rely on modern, low-noise elevators from proven companies with full service support (some low-rise buildings do not have an elevator but we inform you about that in such a case)

Time and privacy

You can relax in your home just the way you like it. The standard in our apartments is brick partition walls which provide much better acoustic insulation than popular plasterboard walls. Plus, you do not have to wonder which wall will hold the weight of the furniture you are installing.

Full control

The ability to expand the intercom with a camera preview is a solution for those who particularly value security and privacy. Installation prepared in the right way allows you to customise the intercom.

Warmth and comfort

High class windows provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Thanks to them, you can enjoy lower heating bills and silence whenever you feel like it.

Saving time and money

The sooner you finish your apartment, the better. We help you do this by handing you the keys to a property where the walls are already plastered and painted with one coat of paint.

Aesthetic solutions

The use of a community antenna translates not only into convenience but also into aesthetics of the building and your apartment. Instead of many antennas spoiling the appearance of the façade, there is just one with hidden installation that you can connect to. Most importantly, you get this solution in the price of the apartment.

Freedom of design changes

Have you chosen an apartment yet but would like to redecorate it a bit? Or maybe you like the number of bedrooms but definitely prefer a living room connected to the kitchen? No problem. When buying an apartment at DEVELIA, you have the opportunity to introduce the so-called tenant’s changes.

Security and safety

They are as important to us as they are to you, so we do not skimp on security measures. All DEVELIA apartments have branded, anti-burglary C-class front doors and external roller blinds in ground floor apartments.

Detailed information on the standard of specific projects can be found in the Apartment Sales Offices.

Detailed information on the standard of specific investments can be found in Apartment sales office.

Share your joy with others

Referral rewards

We encourage you to share your impressions from working with DEVELIA with your friends and family.

If your friend buys an apartment from us on your recommendation, you will have a chance to win attractive prizes that we have prepared for our most convincing clients!

Savings while shopping

Partner discounts

Get a discount of up to 25%! We have prepared a package of coupons and discount cards to selected shops for our clients.

They range from large construction shops to smaller home furnishing shops. It is worth taking advantage of our discounts—when finishing and furnishing the entire apartment, you can save even several thousand PLN. What you spend it on is up to you.

Free mortgage loan assistance

Advantageous loan

Not sure what mortgage loan to choose? Wondering what documents you should prepare? Stressed out at the thought of all the bank visits that await you? Talk to our Financial Expert.

They will inform you about subsequent stages of the loan procedure and documents that you should prepare.

Safe and secure rental

Rental services

An apartment bought for rental income is a great investment—your funds are not only safe but they also multiply on a regular basis.

However, letting requires some commitment. Fortunately, there are solutions that allow you to reduce your involvement and time devoted to the premises to a minimum. An outsourced rental service is such a solution.