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Logo - investment Dolina PiastówWroclaw, Psie Pole
Intimate housing estate in Psie Pole district – you'll love it for the comfort of everyday life

Functional apartments of various sizes, ranging from 28 m² to 81 m²

Housing estate of a low and cosy building development

Well-developed public transport

Quick access to the Wrocław Motorway Bypass

Fully developed infrastructure of the Psie Pole district: numerous schools, kindergartens, clinics, and sports facilities

Dolina Piastów is located at Kiełczowska street in the district of Psie Pole. The housing estate comprises two four-storey buildings and an inner courtyard with greenery, walking paths and car park for residents. Parking spaces are also available in the underground car park. Apartments have been designed so as to provide the future residents with comfort. Functionality and the impression of spaciousness are the effects that the developer managed to achieve in both larger and smaller flats. Depending on which floor you choose, the apartment will have a balcony or a small garden.

Psie Pole means primarily an excellently developed infrastructure. You will find there schools, kindergartens, health clinics and stores, including small shops, where shopping is done without haste and with pleasure. The centre of local life is the Psie Pole market square, which underwent a complete renovation in the recent years, making it even more attractive in the eyes of the local people. Outdoor swimming pool, indoor squash and badminton courts, a soccer field, a centre for children and parents – these are only a part of the attractions in the immediate area. However, if you want to go to the city centre or another part of the city, at your disposal are numerous bus connections and even a train departing from the Psie Pole station. By car, you will get to the Market Square in 15 minutes.


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