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Maestro housing estate – for you to enjoy your every day

Functional interior arrangements of apartments ranging in areas from 47 do 81 m²

Cosy housing estate with low buildings

Spacious terraces appurtenant to ground-floor apartments

Underground garage and above-ground parking spaces

Proximity of important road junctions, including the Wrocław Motorway Bypass

Maestro housing estate is located on the corner of Vivaldiego and Schuberta streets, in the southern part of the city, in the Krzyki-Jagodno district. It comprises a complex of four buildings with a total of more than 330 apartments, the construction of which has already been completed. An important objective of the project was to create a variety of flats that would be easy to arrange, while at the same time ensuring friendly surroundings. Low-rise buildings, ramps for wheelchairs and bicycles, walking paths and playgrounds are only a part of the advantages of this place. This housing estate perfectly matches the peaceful and family-friendly nature of the area.

Jagodno is full of recreational open spaces and low-rise residential buildings. Local shops, supermarket, pharmacy, kindergartens and restaurants cater to the daily needs of the residents. The nearby Brochowski Park is the perfect place for walks, meetings with friends, as well as an excellent play area for children. The project's location provides easy access to the city centre and the city limits in the direction of the A4 motorway. The plans for the development of the district also look promising. Reconstruction of Buforowa street, construction of the balloon loop and the expansion of the eastern part of Wrocław Motorway Bypass are only a part of the projects for the coming years.


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