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An intimate estate close to the city centre

The Małe Wojszyce estate is located in a green, quiet area in the south of Wrocław.

The project fits perfectly into the intimate character of the environment - it includes 2 three-storey buildings with a total of 63 apartments. The compact form of the estate and a large amount of green areas around it will please those who are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The neighborhood, although quiet, is well connected with the city center, and is only 6 km away from the Market Square. The offer of apartments at the Małe Wojszyce Estate has been composed in such a way as to satisfy various needs. We can find here 2-room apartments, ideal for the start, and larger 3- or even 4-room apartments. Mezzanines in the apartments on the top floor create additional arrangement possibilities.

Available for sale are:

  • 2-room apartments,
  • 3-room apartments,
  • 4-room apartments,

Wojszyce is an excellent choice

Wojszyce is very popular among people looking for an apartment in Wrocław. They offer extensive infrastructure facilities and at the same time are an excellent counterbalance to the congested city centre. There are a lot of green areas, dominated by low buildings, there are plenty of places for walks and recreation. Close to the estate there is a compact shopping centre, where we will not only do the shopping, but also have an excellent lunch or go the fitness club. In a short distance there is a large, public playground, and the aquapark can be reached in about 5 minutes. There is no shortage of schools and kindergartens.

New apartment means convenience

Apartment in the new investment is a comfort that cannot be overestimated. You can arrange it from A to Z according to your own idea. What's more, if you buy a new apartment at an early stage of construction, you have a chance to introduce housing changes, e.g. changing the layout of partition walls. The comfort of everyday life is also enhanced by other amenities - a quiet elevator, parking spaces in the underground garage and above-ground parking spaces, e.g. for guests. The new estate also means lower operating costs due to better quality materials and solutions.

Location well communicated

The Małe Wojszyce estate is located a short distance from the Wrocław City Bypass, which allows for efficient access to other parts of the city. We can quickly reach the Market Square from here, both by car and public transport. Extension of the tram line through Hubska Street will allow direct access from the nearby Gaj estate to Plac Grunwaldzki. Going in the opposite direction, towards the exit from the city, we have at our disposal the Eastern Bypass of Wrocław or the A4 motorway. A new apartment in a well-connected location is not only convenient, but also saves time and money.


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