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The Nowa Racławicka estate in under construction in the Krzyki district, in the south of Wrocław. It is one one of the most attractive parts of the city in terms of access to infrastructure, public transport, and green areas. This project is perfect for both young people looking for their first place to live on their own and for families with children or the elderly. There are new apartments available, ranging from 29 to over 100 m². Each of them has an additional open space: a balcony, terrace or a garden. There is a large underground garage planned under the buildings, with comfortable and safe parking spaces for the residents.

Apartments available for sale include:

  • studio apartments,
  • 2-room apartments,
  • 3-room apartments,
  • 4-room apartments,
  • 2-level apartments with terraces on the roof.

Racławicka in the heart of Krzyki

The Nowa Racławiska estate is located near two major Wrocław arterial roads—ul. Grabiszyńska and ul. Powstańców Śląskich. At the same time, the immediate neighbourhood of the estate is intimate and quiet. This combination translates into an attractive apartment in Wroclaw, both purchased for your own needs, as well as for renting. There is a bus and tram terminal nearby, so the public transport is a perfect alternative for a car. The estate is close to the wide green areas—Park Południowy and Park Grabiszyński. As Krzyki is one of the most well-developed parts of the city, there are plenty of schools, kindergartens, clinics, and shops here.

Apartment in Wrocław tailored to your needs

Nowa Racławicka is being constructed in one stage for which 231 apartments have been planned. The buildings will have up to five storeys, so they fit the surroundings. The new estate provides many benefits and amenities, including, among others, safe parking spaces in the underground garage, a playground for children just outside the house, aesthetic and neat stairway, and some greenery—always pleasing to the eye. The technologies used during the construction translate not only into the comfort of living but also into lower electricity and heating bills. It is a clear advantage of an apartment from a primary market.

A well-located estate

Living in a big city, it is difficult to avoid commuting to work, school, kindergarten, for shopping, and to the city centre. An apartment in Krzyki in Wrocław is a perfect choice for those who live an active life and move around the city a lot. You can leave your car in the garage and instead choose public transport or a bike. The proximity to major arterial roads and the Wrocław City Bypass [Obwodnica Środmiejska] is a clear advantage for car owners. The location of the estate in the south of Wrocław also provides a convenient exit from the city in the direction of the A4 motorway or Bielany Wrocławskie which offers many shopping and entertainment facilities.


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