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Logo - investment Nowa TęczowaWroclaw, Stare Miasto

Only 1 kilometre to the city centre

Easy access to cultural and educational centres—schools, nurseries, higher education institutions, cinemas, and a theatre.

Location at the major communication hubs of Wrocław—Plac Legionów, Plac Orląt Lwowskich, Plac Jana Pawła II.

Attractive development of the common area with a playground for children

Thanks to their location in the city centre, the flats are perfect for rent.

Nowa Tęczowa is an estate located in the centre of Wrocław, just a few minutes from the Market Square and Promenada Staromiejska [Wrocław Boardwalk]. The project was created for people actively spending time, looking for a new, comfortable flat in a location which will enable them to use advantages of the city every day. You can choose from over 200 units of various layouts and surface areas, from 25 to 85 m². The offer also includes commercial units located on the ground floor, from the side of ul. Tęczowa. Silent lifts and an underground garage are provided for the comfort of the residents.


The Nowa Tęczowa Estate provides a balance between the intense life of a big city and the peace of home. The location of the project will make you able to actually relax when you return to home. At the same time, just around the corner, you will find shops, offices, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Near ulica Tęczowa, along the City Moat, there is the green Promenada Wrocławska—a perfect place for walks, bike rides, and meeting friends. Walking by the boardwalk, you will reach ulica Krupnicza, then ulica Świdnicka, up to the charming Old Town Park.


A flat in the city centre means access to well-developed infrastructure: shops, services, schools, and nurseries. You can forget about standing in traffic jams. Nearby you will find a clinic, pharmacy, post office, playground for children, pitch, and even a sports centre. You also do not have to look far for special attractions. You can get on foot to the National Forum of Music, theatre, concert hall, music club, and an arthouse cinema.


The comfort of a new flat in the centre of Wrocław should not be underestimated. You can live as you like and explore the city every day. Whether you move by car, bicycle or public transport, you will always have a choice. There are three major transport hubs near the estate with several dozens of bus and tram connections—at Pl. Jana Pawła II, Pl. Orląt Lwowskich, and Pl. Legionów. Biking around the city, you will appreciate the constantly expanding network of bike paths. Good location means also a quick return on investment in a flat for rent.


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