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Logo - investment PoborzańskaWarsaw, Targówek
Live in the vicinity of the Bródnowski Park, in a quiet area of Targówek

A wide variety of areas and interior arrangements of apartments

Excellent communication with all parts of Warsaw

Located among vast green areas, designed as a place of rest

Wide network of shops, restaurants, and service outlets in the nearest proximity

Active recreational venues: 13 bicycle paths in Targówek

District rich in cultural life, full of artistic events, performances, and an outdoor cinema

Poborzańska housing estate is located in Targówek, a district of Warsaw perceived as a friendly place to live, with lots of green and recreational areas. The project consists of two buildings, in which a total of 84 apartments of varying surface areas will be constructed. Each of them has been designed with attention to functionality and comfort. The aesthetics and friendly character of the housing estate are also enhanced by the low-rise building structure, stylish architecture and attention to detail. At the same time location in a well-developed district provides access to the necessary services, shopping and entertainment centres and key institutions.

Poborzańska housing estate is located in the immediate vicinity of Bródnowski Park, with many attractions such as basketball, volleyball, football fields, numerous bike paths and playgrounds for children. If you want to go shopping or to the cinema, you will surely appreciate the proximity of the shopping centres such as Renova, Factory Annopol, Atrium Targówek or M1. Targówek also has numerous schools, kindergartens, health clinics and recreational centres. The Warsaw city centre will be easily accessible thanks to a variety of public transport networks and also the second line of Metro in the future.


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