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Logo - investment Przy SrebrnejGdansk, Łostowice
Cosy apartment in a quiet housing estate – just the right choice for you and your family

Functional apartments of various areas

Public transport proximity – a bus stop directly next to the investment project

Quick access to the Tri-City Bypass and the centre of Gdańsk

Proximity of green areas

Available two-level apartments with mezzanines and basement-type premises

Cosy building development – four-storey buildings with lifts

Parking spaces in the garage hall available in the third stage of the project

Przy Srebrnej housing estate is a project carried out in the southern part of Gdańsk, Łostowice district, in the vicinity of Niepołomicka and Srebrna streets. It comprises a group of homely four-storey buildings. At the stage of project development, particular emphasis was placed on ensuring the functionality of the flats. For those of you who are looking for unusual solutions, two-floor apartments have been planned. They allow an interesting, modern arrangement and give a feeling of extra space. Families with children will also fit there perfectly. A playground has been included in the plans of the housing estate territory.

Łostowice is a peaceful, quiet district that provides safety and a nice respite from the urban rush. At the same time, it is well connected with the centre of Gdańsk and the Tricity beltway. The residents will also have public transport at their disposal. However, running the most important errands will also be possible on the spot, since numerous shops, schools and kindergartens are in the immediate vicinity, saving your precious time each day. Green areas are another advantage of this location – if you want to go for a bike ride or take a stroll with your family, you won't have to go far.


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