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Apartment with a terrace or a garden? Visit Pustynna 43 housing estate and make your own decision

Apartments ready for acceptance, with occupancy permit

Low, cosy building development

Terraces and gardens appurtenant to the apartments

Closed housing estate with remote control gates

Schools, kindergartens, a health clinic and shops in the area

Very good location – approx. 10 minutes from the centre of Łódź

Children's playground on the estate

The Pustynna 43 housing estate located in the south-western part of Łódź will attract those looking for peace and quiet. The neighbourhood is very intimate, there are also many green areas around. This project fits perfectly into such a landscape. Low 2- and 3-storey buildings have been designed so as to provide the future residents with comfort. Everyone will have access to a terrace or garden. The apartments are spacious and easy to arrange, functional arrangement is thus not a problem there. The whole housing estate is guarded, fenced and equipped with remote control gates.

This development located in the area of Pustynna, Nowe Sady and Obywatelska streets offers peace and quiet, and at the same time excellent connection to town. Journey from there to the centre and other parts of Łódź will not be any problem at all. Only 1.5 km from the housing estate there is a western bypass that enables a trip to Gdańsk, Warsaw and Katowice, as well as a quick access to the S14 national road. Journey to the centre of Łódź takes approx. 10 minutes. The estate is located in the proximity to beautiful greenery, a perfect place to relax in the fresh air. This optimum location also provides easy access to the botanical garden, the Łódź ZOO and Na Zdrowiu Park, where you can spend some quality time with your family.



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