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New estate in Bielany

The Rokokowa Residence is a small estate of single-family detached houses, semi-detached houses, and apartments in Bielany in Warsaw. The project combines the advantages of a peaceful, neighbourhood and the city life, including easy access to public transport. The surface areas range from 63 to 214 m². Depending on the design, the houses and apartments include terraces, balconies or gardens with areas of up to 300 m².

The planned date of construction completion is the first quarter of 2021.

Houses near the underground

By choosing a house or apartment in Bielany in Warsaw, you can count on comfortable access to the city centre. The Młociny metro station is located 700 m from the estate. The public transport is an attractive and easily accessible alternative to a car. What is important, however, is that the local infrastructure allows you to take care of most everyday affairs on the spot. Additionally, near the Rokokowa Residence, there is Galeria Bielany with a wide range of shops, restaurants, and a fitness centre.

Live in green surroundings

Bielany has no shortage of green spaces and recreational facilities. If you want to spend your free time outdoors, you can choose from, among others, Park Olszyna, Park Młociński, and Las Bielański [Bielański Forest]. The neighbourhood is also close to the Kampinos National Park—driving there from ul. Rokokowa takes less than 20 minutes. Houses and apartments in Bielany will be a perfect choice for persons who seek escape from the intense pace of life in the city.

House in Warsaw at the price of an apartment

The estate at ul. Rokokowa was designed with various needs of the residents in mind. The offer includes single-family detached houses in Bielany, semi-detached houses, and houses consisting of four independent apartments. Simple and solid building structures, bright façade colours, and wooden elements of the finish give the estate a timeless, elegant feel. It is a closed estate which means not only safety but also hassle-free parking.


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