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Sky Tower is a wonderful place, distinguished by an extraordinary, modern design, and a unique style. Erected on a plot of land of 2.7 ha in the centre of Wrocław – within the square of Powstańców Śląskich, Gwiaździsta, Wielka, and Szczęśliwa Streets – Sky Tower consists of three elements: the core of the building, which houses a shopping mall, and two residential and office buildings.

The office space is more than 30,500 m², whereas the commercial space intended for boutiques, art galleries, cafés, restaurants, and service outlets covers 25,000 m². The recreational part of the building includes an entertainment centre, SPA, and a sports and medical centre. There are 1,500 parking spaces available. The total area of the building is approx. 171,000 m², and its height is 212 m. The tower is the tallest building in Poland in the category “height to the roof”. In December of 2013, the highest viewpoint in Poland was opened on the 49th floor, which is a huge tourist attraction.

Sky Tower consists of three interconnected buildings:

  • B1: three-storey platform, which includes, among others, a shopping mall;
  • B2: fifty-storey tower, which includes 184 apartments at levels from 28 to 48, with the remaining levels constituting office space, with a Stevenson screen (i.e. instrument shelter), which will be located on the roof of the tower;
  • B3: nineteen-storey, cascading “sail”, in which there are 52 suites on levels 11-18, as well as offices.

Approximately 25 thousand tons of steel and 4 hectares of glass have been used for the construction of the Sky Tower with its distinctive “sail” and tower towering over the city. It is one of the most technologically advanced buildings in Poland, equipped among other things with the following systems: Building Management System, Home Management System, Security Management System, and access control.

On 10 August 2007, the investor obtained a building permit, and on 06 December 2007 the groundworks commenced at the foundations of the skyscraper; placing a cornerstone on 04 April 2008 marked the commencement of its construction. The shopping centre was opened in May of 2012, whereas the entire building in March 2013.

Sky Tower is one of the largest investments in the capital of Lower Silesia and a new symbol of the city. This investment project puts Wrocław on a high position in terms of standard of living.


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Powstańców Śląskich 95, 53-332 Wrocław
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