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Logo - investment Stabłowicka 77Wroclaw, Stabłowice
Dreaming of an apartment overlooking water? Dreams are there to come true

Unique location in the immediate vicinity of a pond

Cosy building development and green common parts

Good communication with the city-centre and other parts of the city

Double-level apartments available

High-class lifts accessible from the garage level

Functional use of space in areas ranging from 45 m² to 112 m²

Located in the north-western part of Wrocław, Stabłowice is one of the greenest districts of the city. The surrounding nature, pond and quiet residential buildings create a welcoming atmosphere around that place. All this can also be said about the Stabłowicka 77 housing estate. Modern construction carried out while respecting the nature provides the residents with all these things that are so hard to find in the city centre – comfort, tranquillity and breath-taking views.

The project offers both smaller and larger dwellings, including two-floor apartments.

In the nearest area you will be able to do the shopping, make use of the everyday services, find a school or kindergarten for your child. The proximity of important arterial roads provides quick access to the city centre by car and by public transport. In spare time, you can enjoy the surrounding nature of Stabłowice – ponds, forests, Bystrzyca river and Stabłowicki Park.


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